Filling and capping monoblocks for bulk material


  • High dosing precision
  • Compact solution
  • Easy installation of the towage
  • Easy conversion to other sizes

The Powderline filling and capping monoblocks are intended for the filling of powders and pellets in glass or plastic jars and canisters and to cap them with screw, pressure and twist off caps.

The filling and capping monoblocks for bulk material are mainly used in the pharma and food industry, sometimes in the production of bulk fertilizers and chemicals.

They are produced in two versions: POWDERLINE 1 has a capacity of up to 2,000 bottles per hour and POWDERLINE 2 of 4,000 bottles per hour.

For the dosing of powder either a screw meter feeder or vibration scales are used. Usually, both screw and scale are combined and the bottles are filled up on a scale, which then halts the feeder.

The caps are dispended mainly by vibrating aligners, less often also rotating feeders.

The capping head is run by servomotors with a closing torque exactly set on the control panel.

Pharma monoblocks are produced complying with the requirements of GMP and FDA. Validation documents and the complex installation, operational and process qualifications are part of the delivery.