Pharma manufacturing: main challenges and potential solutions

Pharma manufacturing is complex and sometimes hazardous industry. The manufacturing process demands precise, safe and hygienic lifting at the weighing, processing and packaging stages. Our customized lifting solutions can address the main challenges in the industry like improving productivity plus large health and safety benefits.

The main challenges of pharma industry

The pharma manufacturing process involves much more than simply combining ingredients to form tablets, capsules, solutions or ointments. The process is heavily dependent on the material flowrate. High performance depends on consistently feeding substances into successive processes along the line, demanding reliability, accuracy, hygiene, and minimal interruptions.

The process is also hazardous. There are moving machine parts, pressurized equipment, and the manual handling of heavy materials, often in confined spaces. The lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying and putting down objects are currently responsible for an extraordinary 66% of accidents and injuries in the pharmaceutical industry.

Meanwhile, production managers face a relentless focus on productivity. Pharma has a long way to go to match other industries' progress in rethinking how they operate to cut costs and contain staffing levels. Regardless of the subsector: big pharma, smaller companies, healthcare conglomerates and generics manufacturers may have different cost structures, but all have struggled to drive step-change productivity gains.

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