Robotic palletizing and manipulation

  • flexible solution for palletizing of various kinds of products
  • space-saving solution
  • use of the high-quality Fanuc robots
  • all-in-one pallets feeding, inserting interlayers, palletizing with one device

Robots are used to palletize group packages either in groups in shrink foil or into cartons with bottles and canisters. Most often, we use FANUC robots. Usually, the unit consist of a pallet storage, from which the robot takes the empty pallets and brings them into the palletizing position. Next, the robot takes interlayers from the stuck of interlayers and alternates them with layers of the product, either in group packages or individual containers (stackable canisters and buckets) on the prepared pallet. After completing the palletizing process, the pallet is moved using a roller conveyor.

Manipulation robots are used, for example, to hand the lids, to unstack the buckets or they fulfil other function in the automated lines.